Pree Brulée Travels Through Europe – Luxembourg

Daisy and Zarina leave the beautiful Strasbourg and journey on to Luxemborg, as part of our “Pree Brulée Travels Through Europe” blog series.



It is true. The drive through France, from Strasbourg to Luxembourg, is simply breathtaking. Very green with the occasional castle at every other small town. Passing through so many lesser-known towns and cities is a neat reminder that France is much more than the quintessential city of Paris. Although, how close we were to making that detour!

Thinking back to our trip, we were lucky to have the most pleasant weather…or so we thought. It wasn’t until we reached Luxembourg that we felt what Europeans kept complaining about: summer heat wave. Although, nowhere near as hot as our native Houston, it was hot enough to lighten our site-seeing in Luxembourg.

But, not before we had a chance to have a memorable lunch and see the famous Luxembourg gardens, its main business area, and, of course, a little of its shopping center.

Seems like there is a “F.D. Roosevelt Boulevard” in every European city.

Now THIS is a bank. Luxembourg-style. This is a very expensive city, so before you embark on a journey make sure you expect the high monetary exchange rate, etc.

Banque Et Caisse D’epaargne De L’etat Luxembourg.

Very rich city indeed. I am sure the bright yellow phone booths are only for aesthetic purposes.

 One of the more pristine and luxurious cities we visited.

 Not as many bicycles as other European cities, but they still have bike lanes.

We found this nice square filled with many outdoor restaurants. It was interesting because we happened to be in Luxembourg on a Tuesday, exactly during lunch time, so we had a chance to lunch amongst Luxembourg bankers and financiers.

We chose the most nearby restaurant, La Fontaine, mostly because we we starving and hot from walking. We noticed that in Luxembourg and Brussels, they translate everything in at least 4 languages. And, yes for such a small country, they have their own language, Letsenborgish. Kind of intriguing.

 We had the “Special of the Day” consisting of chicken and mushrooms, together with a glass of wine. It was so delicious, we even totally forgot about the tomato and cucumber warning in Europe at that time.

One of the wealthiest countries in the world, beautiful buildings, and gardens….For such a small country, Luxembourg is very proud. Who can blame them?

 Part of its national flag, the lion is everywhere throughout Luxembourg.

Another gorgeous view of the Banque Et Caisse D’epaargne De L’etat Luxembourg.

 Luxembourg is built on both sides of a deep precipice with beautiful bridges stretching over it.

 It is no wonder that the Luxembourg Garden in Paris is named after the gardens in Luxembourg…

I have no idea what it is and have not been able to find out. Anyone who knows what it is – I would just love to know what it is!
Luxembourg shows that you do not have to be large in size. It is a very enchanting city in itself.

Next week we will continue on our tour of Europe. Stay tuned!

- Daisy

(All images are owned by D. Perez and edited by Pree Brulée)


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